Thursday, November 29, 2012

big love - Edward Hopper

Don't remember when i  discovered  this amazing artist, but  this was the love at first sight.
Most amazing thing about his paintings is that, everything is simple, calm, peaceful and beautiful, you will immediately  saturate with all this feelings.
Lately this october me and my husband were planing trip to paris, so i decided to find out about current exhibitions and guess what? Edward Hopper exhibition was held in grand palais I was so happy and so lucky at the same time, my dream just came true...The day I visited grand palais was cold and gloomy,even long line didn't bother me, I was standing there and waiting for my turn to enter THAT door.
Exhibiton was breathtaking,  Edward hopper's most artworks were presented there, at the grand palais, which is a beautiful place without any doubt. taking pictures were prohibited but i managed to take several :D yes! I broke the rule, but he is my favourite artist so I'll be forgiven for sure :D 

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