Monday, April 22, 2013

Makeup is the girl's best friend

I really love makeup but usually I prefer more natural look. I always moisture my skin, as it's very dry and only than apply makeup. Guerlain meteorites powder is super cool, makes skin look healthy and polished doesn't clog pores so your skin can breath, I think it's amazing especially in summer. Adding little more blush to your chicks completes defining your natural beauty, in my case it's bourjois blush. after that you can either make your look dramatic, romantic or just simple. If I'm going somewhere special place I like to wear red lipstick, but I don't like shiny lips so my alternative is givenchy lip pencil. For everyday day outs I prefer wearing LancĂ´me lip pencil, it has more natural lip alike color. on my eyelashes I apply guerlain mascara, it has two ends and two brushes, one is smaller size and can define lashes more accurate after applying mascara with larger brush. Covergirl lip balm is great as it combines lipstick and balm together, also has nice romantic lip color


  1. I'm like u... love make up, but like being natural!
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  2. Nice makeup!

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  3. Great post!! I like your blog!! Hope you visit mine!!

  4. Very inspirational!